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How are you going to help me?

Rethink Consulting Group improves effectiveness and productivity, with an emphasis on sales performance. Rethink partners with organizations to address three primary areas: rethinking their culture, their strategic planning and tactical practices, and their leadership development. From hiring practices to action planning to sales training, Rethink leads its customers through the necessary changes in organizational thinking required by today’s most pressing business and leadership challenges.

What will I get?

First and foremost, Rethink Consulting Group delivers growth. Whether the need is in top line sales, client retention, turnover, or training for customer-facing teams, Rethink identifies and transforms outdated and/or ineffective mindsets, communication methods and sales force behaviors. The result is shortened sales cycles, improved closing ratios, and enhanced profitability through stronger customer relationships based in value, not price.

Why should I choose you?

At Rethink, we combine the powerful new findings pouring out of the top business schools, thought leaders and transformative companies with over three decades of hands-on sales and leadership experience. This combination of cutting-edge organizational theory and practical know-how leads to Rethink’s focus on largely overlooked (but critical) areas such as clarity of corporate purpose, individual commitment levels, and the new communication skills required in the Information Age. We understand that sustainable and significant sales growth must start with addressing individuals’ internal dimensions, with how they are BEING (intention, integrity, commitment, focus); and then marrying this with powerful external practices (what they are DOING) based on generating true value grounded in the customer’s business goals and objectives.

How do you deliver?

Specifically, we deliver growth by assisting organizations with:

Rethinking their culture:
Improving employee engagement by clarifying purpose and creating buy-in
Increasing intrinsic commitment and extrinsic application
Transforming mindset by identifying and addressing outdated Industrial age belief systems and practices

Rethinking their planning and development:
Shortening sales cycles by redefining pipeline management and team deployment
Engaging and communicating with prospective customers as equals, focused on value rather than price
Designing and implementing solutions with your services and products that build value by advancing your customer’s goals and objectives
Separating your team from the competition by leveraging the power of Affinity Partnerships

Rethinking leadership:
Examining leadership’s mindset and revealing its impact on morale and performance
Creating and nurturing “arenas of contribution”
Helping teams to competently “self-manage”

What does working with you look like?

Our solutions are designed for easy access, rapid results and are tailored to each customer’s specific needs. Whether we are delivering singular solutions such as keynote presentations at sales conferences, specific sales training programs focused on generating access and communicating value, or updating the sales planning process from pipeline management through incentive compensation, we work individually with each customer to establish project objectives, measures and outcomes.

What do I have to do?

Simply call (214-552-0767) or email Joe Braley (jtbraley10@gmail.com) at Rethink Consulting Group to schedule a complimentary initial consultation to determine what would work best for your situation.