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We transform your culture … and your results.

So, you have great services and products that you know your customers need and want…so why doesn’t this show in your sales results? It’s time to ask yourself a few questions:

  •         Are all of the salespeople committed…or are they mostly going through the motions?
  •         Do we even have the right people on the team?
  •         Are we focusing on the right things to be effective and productive?
  •         Why are our results so up and down…and how do we make them consistently better?

If your results are not what they need to be, it is time to look at how your team is BEING before you focus more energy on what they are DOING. In his latest book The Missing Piece In Leadership, Doug Krug (the renowned business professor at Johns Hopkins) identifies the missing piece as mindset, or come from. Effectiveness is “more a function of where a person comes from, their mindset, than it is a function of what or how much they know.”

At Rethink, we transform culture by transforming mindset. We accomplish this by identifying and addressing ineffective and outdated Industrial Age beliefs and practices that act like landmines, destroying employee engagement and results.



Industrial Age Mindset: I have to Start DOING!: Gotta get the deal; make my numbers; move some product! Quick, call 200 prospects to get 20 appointments to close 2 deals! And if that doesn’t make the goal, DO MORE! Try 300/30/3!

Industrial Age Reality: A series of price discounted transactions that kill margin and retention, sales rep burnout and turnover, ever-increasing hiring and training expense…insufficient and inconsistent results!

Information Age Mindset: How can I BE OF VALUE? Identify two centers of influence authentically (i.e., I understand them and their business), and focus on addressing the issues and concerns standing between them and the achievement of their goals. Leverage Affinity Partnerships to address concerns ABOVE AND BEYOND MY PRODUCTS AND MY INCOME STREAM.

Information Age Reality: Sustainable relationships built on delivering VALUE to the customer’s goals, salespeople that thrive through personal contribution and growth, and 20 sales from 2 sources!

Business Planning and Development

As Einstein famously pointed out, you cannot solve problems with the same thinking that created them in the first place. Today’s business environment, and its most pressing challenges, have evolved. So must your thinking. At Rethink, we have combined the powerful new findings pouring out of the leading business schools, thought leaders and transformational companies with three decades of hands on sales and leadership expertise. The outcome is a planning methodology that will revolutionize your thinking, revitalize your culture and rejuvenate your results.

Let us show you how to incorporate the most effective elements from diverse sources such as the Conscious Business/Conscious Capitalism movement, the Global Leadership Initiative and the MIT and Harvard Business Schools into your daily business strategies and tactics. We will jointly create and implement a strategic and tactical plan so you can:

  • Redefine your pipeline management and team deployment to significantly shorten sales cycles and dramatically improve productivity.
  • Engage and communicate with prospective customers as equals, focused on value, not price!
  • Design and implement solutions with your services and products that build customer value and trust by advancing their business goals and objectives.
  • Separate your team from the competition by leveraging the power of Affinity Partnerships.
  • Engage and inspire your team by defining a higher purpose and a broader goal.

Executive/Leadership Coaching

Let’s face it…even in their heyday, the greatest athletes seek out and depend on coaches: Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson, Tiger and Butch Harmon. The same should be true for business leaders. We recognize that leading others can encompass many things…defining direction, communicating effectively, and reinforcing accountability to name a few. But at Rethink, we believe the highest  purpose of a leader is to develop the potential in others. Easy to say…harder to do! It begins with the understanding that at the core of all of us is an identity of contribution. We are naturally wired to want to contribute, to make a difference. We long to be a part of something bigger, to make something better. When we are not given this opportunity, we feel underutilized and unfulfilled…and we disengage.

In our coaching, we explore how executives and other leaders interact with their teams. We examine the leader’s mindset, and reveal the impact (both good and bad) it has on morale and performance. And together, we determine how to create and nurture arenas in which their people can contribute. It’s amazing how often the solutions to the thorniest of business problems are found within the existing team…but someone has to lead them there!

Let us help you develop the skills to encourage, support, develop…to LEAD your team to fantastic results.