At the heart of Joe Braley’s consulting work is a lifelong fascination with the dynamics present when people are being most effective and productive…in other words, generating sustainable results and growth. With three decades of expertise in sales, sales management, business development and executive leadership in the employee benefits industry, Joe has implemented and taught the specific business practices that rapidly build unmatched relationships based in value. By coupling this experience with the latest research pouring out of the foremost business schools, Joe is leading the transformation in thinking in organizations mandated by today’s most pressing business and leadership challenges.

Joe works with executive leadership and their management and market-facing teams to build powerful and sustainable results rooted in value. With a focus on aligning personal dimensions (who we are BEING) with external actions (what we are DOING), Joe coaches business teams through the process of creating, implementing and executing a business plan that

  • Empowers managers to operate from their full potential, and manifest this in their teams (Employee Engagement)
  • Examines and addresses ineffective and/or outdated belief systems and practices that limit results (Sustainability)
  • Clearly identifies critical decision makers and maximizes productive access (Effectiveness and Productivity)
  • Identifies and leverages the power of Affinity Partnerships (Stakeholder Management)
  • Generates results!