Ways to Work with Value Exchange Academy

We come bearing solutions.
We will speak at your event.
We will lead an onsite seminar for your select team.
We will consult with your management groups to help you develop a team system and approach that will carry you into the future.
Contact us to schedule a complimentary initial consultation to determine what would work best for your situation.


Whether delivering the keynote address at a Fortune 100 company’s annual conference, speaking at industry association gatherings, or addressing the staff at a local company or non-profit organization, we have the expertise and experience to challenge, inform, engage and move the audience to action. While we design and deliver presentations built around your specific needs and objectives, all are created to engage while entertaining, inform by telling a gripping story, and inspire by revealing truths that bring real change.
Examples include:
Transforming Culture: Mindset and Methodology
Succeeding in the Information Age: It’s Access and Value, Stupid!
Employee Engagement: Restoring Hope, Building Belief and Inspiring Action
Resuscitating the Patient: Don’t Let Unconscious Capitalism Knock Out Your Growth

Hire Rethink for your next executive retreat, sales or customer conference, or planning meeting.

Transforming Culture…and Results

Nothing is more determinant of our outcomes than our mindset. In fact, our actions and our “reality” are generated by our belief systems and emotions, not the converse. Through our seminars, we teach teams how to transform and sustain a cultural mindset that generates more and better results with less stress and effort. We reveal the dynamics and practices that lead to increased individual commitment, teams that competently “self manage”, and leaders that can shift the cultural mindset to generate real engagement and incredible, ongoing results. Programs include:
Industrial Age vs. Information Age: How To Diffuse the Outdated Mindset Landmine
Creating Arenas of Contribution: The Key to Employee Engagement
Commitment = Results: What a Commitment Is, What It Does…And How To Get One!
Rethinking Integrity

Business Planning and Growth

Our planning programs combine the powerful findings pouring out of today’s leading business schools and transformative companies with three decades of hands-on business development expertise. Whether you need support with a single developmental area, or strategic help with creating an end-to-end Business Development Plan, we have impactful, effective solutions that are easy to access and ready to implement. Programs include:
Market Analysis and Distribution Management: Rethink pipeline management and sales force deployment to shorten sales cycles and increase productivity
Communicating in the Marketplace: Change the conversation and place the focus squarely on value, not price
Relationship Management: Move your customer’s perception of your team to partner, not parasite
Multiply Your Growth Rate: Leverage the power of Affinity Partnerships to multiply your customer value, sales growth and client retention